Rammer GS70GS72-XLGS70-PGS72-XH



Vibratory rammer BAUMAX GS70 – trench ramming – rammer – with 4-stroke engine

The professional BAUMAX GS70 vibratory rammer is equipped with an easy-to-start 4-stroke engine. To protect the engine, BAUMAX vibratory rammers have an extremely durable ABS plastic cover at the top and an extremely durable steel protection at the bottom, and are also characterized by reliable manufacturing and ergonomic control.  They are designed for the toughest conditions in commercial use. The guide frames of the new BAUMAX® vibratory rammers are even narrower to improve handling. This significantly improves handling in tight spaces, such as in ditches or close to walls.

  • perfect handling thanks to narrower design
  • excellent starting behavior
  • Low emission 4-stroke engine – just fill super – (does not require labor-intensive mixing like 2-stroke engines)
  • Unbreakable ABS plastic cover
  • Extremely stable under-engine shock protection
  • strong rope as lifting eyes for transport by crane and excavator
  • Immediately ready for use, gas on it and off you go.
  • Final assembly and test run, including all adjustment work, take place in our specialized workshop in Germany.
  • No fussing for hours, no adding oil, as usual in this segment.


Areas of use

  • Cable and linear construction
  • trench compaction
  • Compaction of backfills on walls and foundations
  • banquet design
  • Compacting edge zones during the construction of bicycles and sidewalks
  • Sealing around drains
  • Repair work in road construction
  • Reconsolidation of frost heave
  • Compaction of cohesive soils
  • Compaction of mixed granular materials (such as frost protection gravel or recyclable material)


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