STONE SAW – BAUMAX SST350 incl. Diamond cutting disc Ø350 mm Speedlin


  • including diamond cutting disc Ø 350 mm (Speedline)
  • Motor 230V-2.2kW
  • Flexibly adjustable cooling water supply
  • Connecting cable length 5m
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New! Improved stone saw from BAUMAX with stepless adjustment of cutting depth and tilt angle
–> more ergonomic, more stable, more precise, stronger, more durable – our innovations are protected by DPMA as a utility model.

NEW , flexibly adjustable cooling water supply – protected by utility model!
NEW , sediment/cutting sludge separator – registered design!


  • concrete covering
  • clinker
  • Borders/border stones for lawns
  • tile
  • terrace slabs
  • Natural stone paving, slabs
  • pavers
  • sand-lime brick
  • Poroton
  • tiles


  • NEW, flexibly adjustable cooling water supply
  • NEW, sediment/dirt separator
  • powerful 2.2 kW motor
  • guide table on ball bearings with a special V-shaped profile in the guide rollers for very precise cuts
  • FI residual current circuit breaker on plug
  • stepless cutting angle adjustment
  • very stable folding legs
  • Rubber apron to return water splashes
  • Corrugated fence with corner function
  • Also included in the package are: segmented diamond cutting disc Ø 350 mm, wrench for flat nuts, operating instructions in German.

Professional stone saw with innovative developments

Anyone looking for an innovative and stable stone saw for professional use has come to the right place with BAUMAX. Through the constant further development of our company, we have integrated new product features for our customers that make working with a stone saw much easier. We offer you have a patented solution that is protected by utility model law and leaves nothing to be desired. Stone saws are used in a wide variety of construction applications and have become an indispensable tool for professional craftsmen. When working with natural stone, a good stone saw is a must.  Discover our products, if you have any questions, our customer service is at your disposal! contact us .

Stone saws for the highest demands of BAUMAX construction machines

With BAUMAX stone cutting machines you can easily cut a wide range of materials such as curbs, tiles, concrete block pavers, tiles, fired bricks (also: fired clinker), concrete slabs, granite, exposed concrete slabs. , marble and more. The ball-bearing sliding table ensures clean, precise cutting, and the infinitely variable cutting angle adjustment allows flexible adjustment of the diamond cutting wheel. With our stone cutting machines, producing high-quality custom products is no longer a problem. Adequate cooling working tool is provided with a freely adjustable supply of cooling water (the utility model is recognized by law) and thus ensures a longer service life of the diamond cutting disc. However, the cutting depth is highly dependent on the motor and the cutting disc – the larger and more powerful, the

Advantages of our stone saw

Flexible water supply from outside the guard provides improved cooling, which significantly increases the durability (or service life) of the diamond blade. In addition, there is little to no splashing on the operator.

Our integrated sludge and cutting debris separator (also a protected utility model) keeps most of the cutting debris away from the pump and is critical to extending pump life. For easy cleaning, the sludge and cutting debris separator can be removed without tools using quick releases screws. The FI residual current circuit breaker on the fork ensures your safety when using the stone saw. Folding legs provide reliable support and make it easy to transport the working tool to the place of use. Our cutting slurry separator thus ensures fewer interruptions caused by dirt – more efficient work with Baumax construction machines on your construction site.

Excellent service and professional advice on stone cutting machines from BAUMAX Baumaschinen

We attach great importance to customer-oriented service and offer you free expert advice on our construction machines: technology, maintenance, operating materials, machine care. And our competent customer service will answer questions about warranty and repairs.  ;In case of defects, we will quickly find a solution for you!

The supply of components and spare parts is also not a problem for us. We can deliver your spare part anywhere in Germany within one or two working days. By the way, we offer the premium BAUMAX diamond cutting disc for more demanding applications of our saws on stone. With laser-welded segments and an enlarged diamond edge, this cutting disc is even more stable and can effortlessly cut through steel-reinforced concrete, asphalt, masonry, poroton, aerated concrete and screed.


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